• Pricing is determined for each service according to the cost of the supplies used and the time involved in completing the services. We also consider the overall value the service is to the client. 
  • All prices are readily available in the reception area, as well as online.
  • No service provider may charge differently (more or less) than the listed price without management approval.

Purchase Policies

For payment of services, we accept cash, personal check with ID, and major credit cards.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Approximately 4% will be deducted from the total of the sales for all credit card sales.  (This fee covers the fees that the credit card company charges.) We also accept SpaFinder/SpaWish/SpaWeek gift cards (there is a 20% fee included in the service/referral that they provide).  These forms of gift card payment need to be processed correctly for contractors to receive accurate and timely reimbursement.

Refunds and Credits  If product has been unused/unopened, the product may be traded at equal value.  (30-day return policy) 

Discount on Products  Retail items may be purchased from Solace Day Spa at a discount. 

Discount on Services  All specials and or discounts must be approved by Solace Day Spa management.  Competition of pricing among spa technicians is restricted. 

Commission on Products  Any team member interested in carrying their own line of products must have management approval.  Placement of retail items/products will be discussed at that time. 

Donations  All donations must be first approved by management of Solace Day Spa.


If staff purchases items for services, submit request for reimbursement with your weekly reimbursement request.  Include a copy of the receipt and service item(s) in which items were used.

Reimbursement Guidelines


  • Submit reimbursement form and all paperwork completed by Monday at 10 am. File a hard copy at the spa in your hanging file folder.
    • Forms must be complete, legible and in correct format.
    • If reimbursements are not submitted correctly and completely, service provider’s check may not be available by Friday.


  • Checks will be in the service provider’s folder by the end of the day Friday.
    • If Check is not at the spa, please text management.
    • A receipt will be included with payment. Keep this for future use such as taxes and proof of income.



Reimbursement forms and all completed paperwork will be picked up by 10 am


Incomplete paperwork will be returned with missing items highlighted.




Missing items must be returned to management before checks will be written.


Checks will be at the spa and in service provider’s folder by 10 am.

Reimbursement Checklist:

  • Include all needed information on reimbursement form.
  • Independent contractor name
  • Dates of service (Mon – Sun)
  • Client and service information, date of service, payment type and totals
  • Intake processed and synced to profile.
  • Invoice with notes, credit card receipts or money included (place money in envelope and attach to invoice)