Restore balance, health and wellness with  massage therapy. Each session begins with a consultation to address your areas of concern. Enjoy complimentary heated tables, eye pillows and bolsters for knees and neck during your service.  

Signature Massage

  • 30 minutes…$45
  • 60 minutes…$70
  • 90 minutes…$100

Light to medium pressure combined with fragrant essential oils to induce a heightened sense of well being. This massage will detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, relieve tension and improve circulation.


Deep Tissue

  • 30 minutes…$50
  • 60 minutes…$80
  • 90 minutes…$110

A deep tissue massage concentrates on deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to address painful knots and tight muscles. This approach to massage can be used to treat conditions such as chronic tightness, painful muscles, postural problems or to assist in recovery from injury.


**NEW** CBD Unwinding Massage

  • 30 minutes…$50
  • 60 minutes…$80
  • 90 minutes…$110

Relax and let go.  Allow a deeper level of inner restoration with our carefully-selected CBD oil paired with the essential oils of highest quality.  Our CBD-infused massage can help manage chronic pain, inflammation, stress and overall tension.  Take your massage to the next level with a deeply moisturizing, CBD-infused treatment.



**NEW** CBD Deeply Healing Massage

  • 30 minutes…$75
  • 60 minutes…$100
  • 90 minutes…$125

Experience deeper relaxation, tension relief and melt knots away with our carefully-selected CBD oil paired with the essential oils of highest quality.  Take your massage to the next level with the healing benefits of CBD.


Prenatal Massage

  • 60 minutes…$70

As you are preparing for the arrival of your baby, it is very important to take care of yourself.  What better way to take care of yourself and your baby than therapeutic massage?  We at Solace Day Spa understand the stresses and anxiety that are involved in pregnancy and preparing for the new addition.  Utmost care is given for your comfort. Using professional body support cushions, you need only to relax and breathe.  Consider customizing the prenatal massage with adding a foot soak, scrub or scalp treatment for the ultimate time of relaxation.


Sports & Training Massage

  • 60 minutes…$80
  • 90 minutes…$110

Whether you are training for a marathon, getting back into fitness or preparing for a body building competition, massage is a beneficial aspect in your training regimen.  A perfect choice for those training for or recovering from an athletic event. Reduce your recovery time up to 50% with effective and therapeutic massage.  Various approaches, such as muscle stripping, myofacial release and trigger point therapy, can be used to customize the session and address each area of concern.  Tip: Prepare before a sports and training massage session by being sufficiently hydrated.  Also, follow your sessions with continued hydration and feel free to call your therapist with any concerns or questions you may have concerning your session.


Massage for Two

  • 30 minutes…$90
  • 60 minutes…$140
  • 90 minutes…$200

Escape to Pure Solace and enjoy relaxing time with a loved one. Unwind together with a spa beverage and a decadent treat.  Share one intimate room for a classic couples massage or enter into separate rooms to enjoy individualized treatments from our professional and licensed therapists.  Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or simply celebrating your relationship, this is a wonderful way for you both to relax and find rejuvenation. *Please note room preference when scheduling {one room or separate treatment rooms} 


Hot Stone Massage

  • 60 minutes…$85
  • 90 minutes…$125

A soothing application of oils and hot river stones will increase circulation and loosen tight muscles, a perfect balance for the ultimate relaxing experience.


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

  • 60 minutes…$85

The himalayan salt stones that are used contain 84 minerals and nutrients that absorb into the body.  This absorption activates the natural healing mechanisms allowing your body to restore its natural balance.  The salt stones can be heated to create warmth that penetrates deep into sore achy muscles.  The heat coupled with the nutrients causes the body to release toxins that may be blocking the blood flow in that area.



  • 30 minutes…$50
  • 60 minutes…$80

Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet and hands corresponding to specific organs of the body to relieve stress and release blocked energy throughout the body. Includes foot soak in soothing aqua salts bath to soften and relax the feet prior to treatment.  Proper stimulation of these reflexes can provide relief naturally.


Signature Massage Series

60-Minute Sessions

  • 3 sessions = $200
  • 5 sessions = $325


Deep Tissue Massage Series

60-Minute Sessions

  • 3 sessions = $225
  • 5 sessions = $375

Body Treatment Upgrades

{consider adding the following services to any massage or facial}

Treat for the Feet  $25
Relax and enjoy a refreshing and pampering foot massage, light scrub, warm compresses with healing balm to soothe away dry, rough feet. A wonderful upgrade to any massage service.

Herbal Mineral Foot Refresh 30 min/$45
This custom service implements products formulated with cooling, refreshing, and stimulating ethnobotanical ingredients.  The foot ritual includes a foot bath, complete with an exfoliating scrub, soothing balm and revitalizing foot and lower leg massage.    Give your tired legs and feet relief, naturally.

Spa Body Brushing with Baobab Body Butter   $25
Invigorating and detoxifying, dry brushing is a gentle massage that encourages the skin to eliminate toxins by dramatically increasing blood flow to the surface. This method of exfoliation reduces the appearance of cellulite, tones and tightens the skin leaving it wonderfully soft to the touch. Using deliciously rich baobab body butter, quench your skin’s thirst with shea butter and the fruit of the African baobab tree. Dry brushing coupled with these time-tested ethnobotanicals promotes smooth, supple skin that stays touchably soft all day—while enhancing skin resiliency for even softer skin tomorrow.

{Partial} Body Scrub  $20

Infrared Sauna 15-30 min/$25

Reflexology $15


Scalp Treatment  $20
To help encourage a healthy scalp and address issues such as dryness, itching and other various scalp problems, our treatment system promotes scalp vitality with patented technology.  Our FDA-cleared gentle galvanic current device accelerates the benefits of key ingredients in our patented treatment formula.  Enjoy extended scalp massage with essential oils, such as peppermint or tea tree oil, for an increase in blood flow and mood-boosting hormones.  Add on to any massage or skin care service for a complete rejuvenation experience.



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